Are you interested in becoming a fit model? Has anyone ever said you look like model or should be a model? Do clothes just look amazing on you? If so, then we want to meet you. We are always looking for the newest models in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. We look at each submission carefully and consider every model application important.

What is a Fit Model?

A fit model is essentially a live mannequin who tries on clothing development samples for fashion designers to help them achieve the perfect fit. With each garment, they provide valuable feedback on fit, feel, and function, such as ease of movement, the fabric hand-feel and drape, and overall appearance.

Fit models must

  • meet specific height, bust-waist-hip, arm, leg, and other measurement requirements.
  • have well-proportioned, balanced and symmetrical bodies with standard size measurements for their size category.
  • be able to identify and clearly verbalize how a garment feels, catching any fit issues that might affect the sale of that garment.
  • be able to give accurate and helpful feedback to the patternmakers, designers and technical teams in order to produce the best fitting garment, ultimately helping companies increase sales and decrease return rates.